I know them are some strong words!! I just hate how it takes over me and I succumb to the grasp of procrastination πŸ˜– One would think that it shouldn’t be able to become free of its own since we are in control of ourselves… but, oh, how that is not the case whatsoever! 

If we don’t have the discipline/will power, the procrastination grasp can be as strong as iron 😭 

So far, after reading and listening to various books on motivation and the like, I’ve come to the point to understand that in order for me to not fall into the procrastination hole for hours is to stop IMMEDIATELY what I’m doing and consciously ask myself what is the ONE thing that needs to be completed RIGHT NOW! And 9 times out of 10, I’m successful πŸ˜πŸ‘ It’s not perfect, but I’m okay w/ that–most things in life aren’t perfect, as long as I can do awesome most of the time, I’m happy 😊 

Sometimes, when I do the sudden stop and prioritize, I feel like it’s a mental slap πŸ˜‚ Hey, whatever works! Haha! 

What’s funny about all this is that, when I don’t procrastinate, my day is almost πŸ’― times better! And when I do procrastinate, most of my day is kinda poopy 😣 With that said, again, I would think it would be much easier to NOT procrastinate since it causes good feelings. So, is it because it’s easier to procrastinate but the down side is that I feel like crap at the end? *SMH* So annoying! 

Who else has this problem? Share your tips! I can use all that I can get πŸ˜³πŸ˜‘


Audiobook Review: The Life We Bury by AllenEskens (read by Zach Villa)

I LOVE THIS STORY!!!! End of review! Haha!

I’ve been looking for a fiction book to get my hands on that would grab my attention for more than the first one or two chapters. It was close–I almost didn’t get this because the synopsis didn’t do that well to pull me in. Another thing that I was a bit concerned about was the military portion (I appreciate and respect our service women and men!)–if a book has a dominant military theme, my heart can’t handle it :/ 

Anyhow… The plot begins slowly as its setting up the characters (that’s why I always give a chapter or two before I decide if it’s worth the time); but (!) when the story really begins… I can’t wait to get into my car (where I listen to audiobooks, whilst in LA traffic) each time so I can hear more! 

Some parts may be cliche but I still love the process and storytelling! Provides just the right amount of character history and “romance” (not much at all but enough for it to add to the story, not to take away from it). 

Don’t want to say too much, would hate to give any spoilers away by accident. So, I’m just going to end it here for now.

CONCLUSION: Get this book!! You won’t be disappointed if you enjoy suspense and mystery. 

Food, Health/Fitness

Don’t Eat That Please :-/

Processed Foods Are a No-no
Hopefully the link works (found it on FB). 

In no way am I saying not to indulge in junk foods here and there, but there’s got to be better junk out there–maybe some that doesn’t promote carcinogens or disrupt cell development πŸ˜– 

I’m going to show this to Sophia and hopefully this will turn her off from wanting Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Having seen this (even though I knew it was great to eat this kind of junk), I wouldn’t feel right about giving her these things. It’d be like I’m voluntarily handing her poison πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ no, thanks!! 


Daisy Waisy

Those that really know me, know that this is one of the most unusual things I would actually post on social media. 

Even though I grew up w/ dogs, I wouldn’t call myself much of a dog person–one who loves their dog as if it was their child… My daughter is VERY MUCH a dog person, interestingly enough. She’s always telling our little Daisy how much she loves her and how cute she is–it’s very cute, if I do say so myself πŸ˜€ Not so much anymore, but there was a time (about a year or 2 ago) when my daughter would keep asking how long Daisy would live and how old she’ll (my daughter) be when Daisy dies–she’s already worried about losing Daisy. Come to think of it, there’s been times that our Miss Daisy here would run off down the street and Sophia would have the most worried/terrified look on her face. 

As time goes on, I’m much more open to Daisy and love her as a family dog (not like how I love Sophia, haha!) and would be sad if something happened to her. This dog really loves us! And it’s just surprising how an animal can love a human so much–makes me think of those military dogs… You see them lying by their trainers’ coffin. It’s so sad–shows how they feel the up and down emotions as we do. How is that possible? 

Before, dog owners would tell me how they have their own personalities… I just brushed it off as if “okay, sure, whatever you say…” But, now, I know what they mean… All the different dogs do have their own personalities and develop certain traits depending on how well or how bad they’re treated. 

What I’m basically saying is that Daisy has definitely changed my view on loving one’s dog and she definitely is a family member–I use to think it was so odd that people would include their pets into any photo purposely… Now look at me, haha!! ❀


I LOVE my Friends!

Wow! It’s been too long since the last time I was on here, yikes! O_o

Had friends over today to celebrate Eli’s (the boyfriend πŸ˜› ) b-day; and, by the end of the night, I realized how great and wonderful my friends are!! I feel so fortunate these people are in my life!! And feel grateful that I am able to attract them into my life so that I may call them my friends πŸ™‚

I love having gatherings! Though we have to clean and whatnot, it’s SOOOOOOO worth it because I’m always happier by the end of the night–combination of good food drinks with friends like mine??? Pffft! Can’t beat that! More please! πŸ˜€

Beautiful Erica painted this cow image just as Eli wanted πŸ™‚


Love big Mike! Can’t ever miss him πŸ˜›

Bestest kind of friends anybody could ever have! XOXO!


Daisy’s 2nd mom πŸ˜›

Priscillia & Phillip – sweeties

Group shot – friends rock!!

A sign you’re in an Asian household, lol!!

Great start to Eli’s 44th year and to 2016! Makes me want to celebrate throughout the year! Love being surrounded by awesome peeps! How did I get so lucky?? πŸ˜€




Lately, I’ve been hanging out at libraries during some of my downtime–I forgot how much I enjoy being there! 

Who else wishes they could read all the books in the world?? 😁

I much prefer it over a coffee shop (even though I love me some caffeine!) setting–much more relaxing and calm. Where I can collect my thoughts and catch up on the admin stuff of my business 😊 I’m not easily distracted as I would be if I were at a Starbucks or the like–picture that dog from Disney’s movie “Up”… “Squirrel!” Haha 😜

Since I’ve been hanging out here, I’ve also been into more books… Yay!! Whenever I read a good book, especially fiction, I’m always in awe and fascinated how incredible a writer’s mind is (I want one of those, haha!)–the stories that come together! Incredible!