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Don’t Eat That Please :-/

Processed Foods Are a No-no
Hopefully the link works (found it on FB). 

In no way am I saying not to indulge in junk foods here and there, but there’s got to be better junk out there–maybe some that doesn’t promote carcinogens or disrupt cell development 😖 

I’m going to show this to Sophia and hopefully this will turn her off from wanting Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Having seen this (even though I knew it was great to eat this kind of junk), I wouldn’t feel right about giving her these things. It’d be like I’m voluntarily handing her poison 😑😑 no, thanks!! 


Energized Pre-Workout


finally remembered to take 1 of these GNC Energizing Lean Chew the other day before hitting the gym… I think it helped with getting me more motivated and increased my efficiency on the gym floor. I say “I think” because sometimes I feel like it works because my mind says it suppose to–a placebo effect. Actually, it must have worked because a couple days later, I experimented by trying 2 instead of just 1, and that gave me a bit of the jitters–I really dislike that feeling… won’t be doing that again! So, maybe it was really helping and not just a placebo effect 🙂

I am trying to get off artificial caffeine, though. After watching the documentary, Hungry for a Change, I’m trying to limit the man-made chemicals that I ingest. (Definitely check that out if you can–Eli and I watched it on Amazon Prime.) At some point, I’m sure I’ll be writing about that documentary again 🙂

So, I’ll be utilizing these chews till they’re gone. Most likely, I probably won’t be buying them again but we’ll see (as of now, I’m only limiting (not eliminating) my intake of refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other man-made food products–figure if I can’t complete remove it from my eating habits, I can at least lower the consumption of them… better than nada! 🙂