I Can’t Help It…

I’ve turned into one of those that takes pics of their pets 😳 🐶 🐕 This is a new world for me, haha! For reals! See? People do and will change… Let’s just hope it’s always for the better, haha 🙃


Daisy Waisy

Those that really know me, know that this is one of the most unusual things I would actually post on social media. 

Even though I grew up w/ dogs, I wouldn’t call myself much of a dog person–one who loves their dog as if it was their child… My daughter is VERY MUCH a dog person, interestingly enough. She’s always telling our little Daisy how much she loves her and how cute she is–it’s very cute, if I do say so myself 😀 Not so much anymore, but there was a time (about a year or 2 ago) when my daughter would keep asking how long Daisy would live and how old she’ll (my daughter) be when Daisy dies–she’s already worried about losing Daisy. Come to think of it, there’s been times that our Miss Daisy here would run off down the street and Sophia would have the most worried/terrified look on her face. 

As time goes on, I’m much more open to Daisy and love her as a family dog (not like how I love Sophia, haha!) and would be sad if something happened to her. This dog really loves us! And it’s just surprising how an animal can love a human so much–makes me think of those military dogs… You see them lying by their trainers’ coffin. It’s so sad–shows how they feel the up and down emotions as we do. How is that possible? 

Before, dog owners would tell me how they have their own personalities… I just brushed it off as if “okay, sure, whatever you say…” But, now, I know what they mean… All the different dogs do have their own personalities and develop certain traits depending on how well or how bad they’re treated. 

What I’m basically saying is that Daisy has definitely changed my view on loving one’s dog and she definitely is a family member–I use to think it was so odd that people would include their pets into any photo purposely… Now look at me, haha!! ❤


I LOVE my Friends!

Wow! It’s been too long since the last time I was on here, yikes! O_o

Had friends over today to celebrate Eli’s (the boyfriend 😛 ) b-day; and, by the end of the night, I realized how great and wonderful my friends are!! I feel so fortunate these people are in my life!! And feel grateful that I am able to attract them into my life so that I may call them my friends 🙂

I love having gatherings! Though we have to clean and whatnot, it’s SOOOOOOO worth it because I’m always happier by the end of the night–combination of good food drinks with friends like mine??? Pffft! Can’t beat that! More please! 😀

Beautiful Erica painted this cow image just as Eli wanted 🙂


Love big Mike! Can’t ever miss him 😛

Bestest kind of friends anybody could ever have! XOXO!


Daisy’s 2nd mom 😛

Priscillia & Phillip – sweeties

Group shot – friends rock!!

A sign you’re in an Asian household, lol!!

Great start to Eli’s 44th year and to 2016! Makes me want to celebrate throughout the year! Love being surrounded by awesome peeps! How did I get so lucky?? 😀




Lately, I’ve been hanging out at libraries during some of my downtime–I forgot how much I enjoy being there! 

Who else wishes they could read all the books in the world?? 😁

I much prefer it over a coffee shop (even though I love me some caffeine!) setting–much more relaxing and calm. Where I can collect my thoughts and catch up on the admin stuff of my business 😊 I’m not easily distracted as I would be if I were at a Starbucks or the like–picture that dog from Disney’s movie “Up”… “Squirrel!” Haha 😜

Since I’ve been hanging out here, I’ve also been into more books… Yay!! Whenever I read a good book, especially fiction, I’m always in awe and fascinated how incredible a writer’s mind is (I want one of those, haha!)–the stories that come together! Incredible! 


11. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

Numero 11 of my “Words of a Wise Person” series…

I know plenty a-time when my past screwed me over in my present… booooooo! What comes to mind right now is the now famous Frozen song… you know which one I’m talking about! Why do we torture ourselves and hold on to what hurts us?? We should definitely learn from our past, get the lesson, and “let it go!”

But, nooooo… we got to hold on to what hurt us (or who). As adults, believe it or not, we have the ability to CHOOSE what we do now! We may have been wronged in some way in the past, but who really wants to use the past as a crutch as to why we’re flawed today? Really? Just typing that out now, it sounds so silly in my head that I’m going to say I’m messed up in such and such way because of what happened to me twenty years ago. I understand that some people go through harsh things that I’ve only seen in the movies or read in books, but if one doesn’t have the strength to find a better path, why not seek help?

I certainly want to be better… don’t you? I want to be free of past hurt… don’t you? I want to live freely in the present… don’t you? I want to look ahead and see infinite possibilities instead of trying to go forward but looking in the rear-view mirror… don’t you?

Moving forward, I want to move forward and look in front. Once I gain the insight/lesson of what has happened, I want to “let it go.” Time doesn’t stop, I want to live for now and not looking back and regretting and questioning the what-ifs. I don’t want to waste any more time in the past when I can enjoy the present! 🙂


10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile

If you haven’t already been following along… this is post #10 for my“Words of an Old Person” series…

Some of the bad things we do to ourselves can actually turn out to be good things. Life doesn’t always have to be as strict as we make it–there’s not only black and white, there’s gray. And sometimes, it’s in the gray where all the fun is! Yes, rules must be followed and some are a MUST (ie can’t just decide you want to drive on the wrong side of the road just because you feel like it, or committing an act that is harmful to another or to oneself) but some should definitely be broken. It’s the breaking of the “rule” that brings a thrill for just that little bit… a little excitement never killed anybody!

Of course, there’s no need to get extreme and eat 5 lbs of chocolate in one sitting… but a few bites ain’t gonna hurt ya!


9. Save for things that matter

If you haven’t already been following along… this is post #9 for my“Words of an Old Person” series…

About 6 months ago, Eli (my fiance) and I bought a condo… yay (!!), that goal accomplished! If you’re familiar with having to pack and move, then you must have become aware to all the  junk you’ve accumulated.

I’ve been apartment living for the past 8 years-ish and I never feel like I’ve ever truly unpacked–I always have at least 2 or 3 boxes that I never unpack because I don’t want to have to pack it up again since I inevitably move (since it is only temporary housing). What’s ridiculous is that I keep toting these same boxes around and they have traveled with me… um… yes, I think it’s time to part ways…

During each move (4 within the last 6 years o_O ), I get rid of so much stuff that sometimes I forgot I had or because it’s not useful to me any longer. This last move really did me in–impacted my perception of physical possessions–I don’t need 70% of what I own!! It went from being “my stuff” to “what the heck is all this junk??”

And… that’s when I came across the minimalist lifestyle–I’m not an extremist but I definitely am going to pick up a lot of their habits! 😀 This can be its own post in of itself… will get to that at a later date 🙂

Back to what I was saying…

As I was getting rid of a lot of my junk material possessions, I began seeing each item as money that I could have saved and used it towards something so much more meaningful–a good percentage of what I was getting rid of was hardly used, if at all :/ … I was nothing less than annoyed, irked, frustrated at myself for getting caught up in all this consumerism . (Sigh)… Oh, well… lesson learned… and this lesson better stick to me like cement because this has become a pretty pricey lesson… have to gain something out of it!!

And being human as I am, I try not to get caught up in my thoughts, but I imagine all the $$ I could have saved and image the trips we could go on as a family…

Tropical Paradise




 Pfffft!!! Even this (for my daughter)…

Disney Cruise.. Sophia would be able to enjoy this the most 🙂

Okay… (smh) that’s it!!!  After seeing these pics, I’m getting more motivated on my goal and definitely minimizing my spending as to gain experiences and memories instead… not to mention the feeling of freedom–less spending = less bills!!!

I’m more aware now than ever how spending bits here and there can have the biggest impact in the grand scheme of things… and I, for one, am tired of being an owner to meaningless things! I DON’T WANT THAT LIFE ANYMORE!!! I want to be free from material possessions! Just the minimum will do 🙂