I LOVE my Friends!

Wow! It’s been too long since the last time I was on here, yikes! O_o

Had friends over today to celebrate Eli’s (the boyfriend 😛 ) b-day; and, by the end of the night, I realized how great and wonderful my friends are!! I feel so fortunate these people are in my life!! And feel grateful that I am able to attract them into my life so that I may call them my friends 🙂

I love having gatherings! Though we have to clean and whatnot, it’s SOOOOOOO worth it because I’m always happier by the end of the night–combination of good food drinks with friends like mine??? Pffft! Can’t beat that! More please! 😀

Beautiful Erica painted this cow image just as Eli wanted 🙂


Love big Mike! Can’t ever miss him 😛

Bestest kind of friends anybody could ever have! XOXO!


Daisy’s 2nd mom 😛

Priscillia & Phillip – sweeties

Group shot – friends rock!!

A sign you’re in an Asian household, lol!!

Great start to Eli’s 44th year and to 2016! Makes me want to celebrate throughout the year! Love being surrounded by awesome peeps! How did I get so lucky?? 😀