Lately, I’ve been hanging out at libraries during some of my downtime–I forgot how much I enjoy being there! 

Who else wishes they could read all the books in the world?? 😁

I much prefer it over a coffee shop (even though I love me some caffeine!) setting–much more relaxing and calm. Where I can collect my thoughts and catch up on the admin stuff of my business 😊 I’m not easily distracted as I would be if I were at a Starbucks or the like–picture that dog from Disney’s movie “Up”… “Squirrel!” Haha 😜

Since I’ve been hanging out here, I’ve also been into more books… Yay!! Whenever I read a good book, especially fiction, I’m always in awe and fascinated how incredible a writer’s mind is (I want one of those, haha!)–the stories that come together! Incredible!