Audiobook Review: The Life We Bury by AllenEskens (read by Zach Villa)

I LOVE THIS STORY!!!! End of review! Haha!

I’ve been looking for a fiction book to get my hands on that would grab my attention for more than the first one or two chapters. It was close–I almost didn’t get this because the synopsis didn’t do that well to pull me in. Another thing that I was a bit concerned about was the military portion (I appreciate and respect our service women and men!)–if a book has a dominant military theme, my heart can’t handle it :/ 

Anyhow… The plot begins slowly as its setting up the characters (that’s why I always give a chapter or two before I decide if it’s worth the time); but (!) when the story really begins… I can’t wait to get into my car (where I listen to audiobooks, whilst in LA traffic) each time so I can hear more! 

Some parts may be cliche but I still love the process and storytelling! Provides just the right amount of character history and “romance” (not much at all but enough for it to add to the story, not to take away from it). 

Don’t want to say too much, would hate to give any spoilers away by accident. So, I’m just going to end it here for now.

CONCLUSION: Get this book!! You won’t be disappointed if you enjoy suspense and mystery. 




Lately, I’ve been hanging out at libraries during some of my downtime–I forgot how much I enjoy being there! 

Who else wishes they could read all the books in the world?? 😁

I much prefer it over a coffee shop (even though I love me some caffeine!) setting–much more relaxing and calm. Where I can collect my thoughts and catch up on the admin stuff of my business 😊 I’m not easily distracted as I would be if I were at a Starbucks or the like–picture that dog from Disney’s movie “Up”… “Squirrel!” Haha 😜

Since I’ve been hanging out here, I’ve also been into more books… Yay!! Whenever I read a good book, especially fiction, I’m always in awe and fascinated how incredible a writer’s mind is (I want one of those, haha!)–the stories that come together! Incredible!