Daisy Waisy

Those that really know me, know that this is one of the most unusual things I would actually post on social media. 

Even though I grew up w/ dogs, I wouldn’t call myself much of a dog person–one who loves their dog as if it was their child… My daughter is VERY MUCH a dog person, interestingly enough. She’s always telling our little Daisy how much she loves her and how cute she is–it’s very cute, if I do say so myself 😀 Not so much anymore, but there was a time (about a year or 2 ago) when my daughter would keep asking how long Daisy would live and how old she’ll (my daughter) be when Daisy dies–she’s already worried about losing Daisy. Come to think of it, there’s been times that our Miss Daisy here would run off down the street and Sophia would have the most worried/terrified look on her face. 

As time goes on, I’m much more open to Daisy and love her as a family dog (not like how I love Sophia, haha!) and would be sad if something happened to her. This dog really loves us! And it’s just surprising how an animal can love a human so much–makes me think of those military dogs… You see them lying by their trainers’ coffin. It’s so sad–shows how they feel the up and down emotions as we do. How is that possible? 

Before, dog owners would tell me how they have their own personalities… I just brushed it off as if “okay, sure, whatever you say…” But, now, I know what they mean… All the different dogs do have their own personalities and develop certain traits depending on how well or how bad they’re treated. 

What I’m basically saying is that Daisy has definitely changed my view on loving one’s dog and she definitely is a family member–I use to think it was so odd that people would include their pets into any photo purposely… Now look at me, haha!! ❤


4. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will.

This post is part of a series I’m doing based on this post.

What does the title of this mean to me? Nothing is really more important than the people we have around us! I know that when I’m having an off kind of day, I can call a friend to vent or even go out for some noodles (love me some noodles!!) and just chat… I know I end up on the other side of that friend time better than I had when it began =) I love feeling the ease and happiness that comes from having good times with friends. It always reminds me of how lucky I am to have them in my life!! It makes the troubles that I have/had not that big of a deal or problem anymore–I’m always able to attack any situation in a better state of mind after calming down from a dose of friend, haha. I know, totally sounds weird… but it’s true =)

To address the other part of the title… of course, having a job is important since I have bills and whathaveyou. But I’m just beginning to learn that more effort should be put into the priceless things/people in our lives… our efforts/energy should not be given mainly to our jobs!! What a waste… because y’know what? Your position and you (yes, YOU!) are absolutely and undoubtedly REPLACEABLE!! If you didn’t show up to work the next day or the day after or ever again, the company you work for may be in a bind by having to look for a replacement; but, at the end of the day, there’s many people out there looking to get hired and may have similar or even better skills to complete the tasks you completed–basically, you’re not really all that special… are ya?


When it comes to our family and friends, we, you, her, him are not so easily replaceable… actually, not at all! Each one of us is an individual with a unique combination of likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, etc, that makes each one of us who we are!! Of course nobody is perfect, but sometimes it’s those imperfections that make us so friggin’ darn AWESOME!! =D I love all my friends!! I TRULY DO!! There may be times that I want to kick them in the shin (haha!), but there are PLENTY of other times that I want to turn to them and give em a big ‘o bear of a hug and a slobbery kiss on the cheek! Don’t worry, I don’t actually act upon those emotions, so calm down!!! I ain’t crazy… well, not that crazy… yet, haha! I’d like to think that I show love to my friends through my actions cause, to me, actions are WAY LOUDER than any words screamed from a cliff on the highest mountainside =) Friendship–definitely a love/hate relationship =)

Anyways… just remember that job/work is cool but people who ride this journey with us are the SUPER DUPER-EST!! I ❤ you guys!! =D


As a Parent…

…don’t act like you’ve never just stared at your child while they slept… you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about, haha!

In some of those moments, I feel like I can go on for hours and get lost looking into the serene face of my wee one. There is something about that, that brings a calm to my heart unlike anything else. And sometimes, I just want to live in that land/moment forever… I just want to freeze time and soak in it. Even in the darkness of the night while she slumbers, I can feel the brush of the sun’s warmth on my cheeks… the same warmth that eventually floods my heart with happiness… all this just from the sight of her.